To buy and financing a property in Spain

Buying a home is a big step for anyone, especially if you are buying in a country where you don’t live and where you are not familiar with the procedure. Buying a property is always a big investment, no matter where you buy it. Our concept is to help you all the way – from visiting a large selection of properties that matches your criteria until you have completed the purchase of your dream home in Spain.

We collaborate with lawyers and solicitors that speak your language. Together with them we help you with all the legal and practical aspects of the purchase. This includes:

  • Checking that the seller is the owner of the property and that the property is free of charges, debts, mortgages, encumbrances, tenants etc.
  • That the property is correctly described and registered in the land registry
  • That all taxes have been paid
  • Applying for a Spanish identification and tax number (NIE), which is required for you to be registered as the owner of a property in Spain if you are not a Spanish citizen
  • Help you open a Spanish bank account and arrange automatic transfers for standing expenses, such as electricity and water
  • Arrange the signing of the title deed and get you properly registered as the new owner as well as changing the holder and bank details of all necessary contracts for electricity and water etc.
  • On your behalf paying all fees and taxes related to the purchase

We have a large network throughout the Costa Blanca and can put you in contact with trustworthy companies if you decide to let your property for rent or if you want to find someone who checks the property regularly during the periods you are not there.

We are committed to help you all the way!


According to Spanish law there are statutory taxes and certain fees that the buyer is liable to pay.  This taxes and fees has to be added on top of the advertised price of the property. Buyers of a property in the Valencia and Murcia regions to which Costa Blanca belongs pays the taxes and fees below.

  • 10% transfer tax (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales) on an second hand property OR 10% VAT (IVA) on a new built home.
  • The cost for Notarius Publicus (according to fixed price list)
  • The cost for getting the title deed registered at the land register (according to fixed price list)
  • For a new build property a stamp duty of 1.5-2% is paid within 30 days of signing of the title deed.

As a simple rule of estimation of the above costs is to add 13% to the advertised net price.


If you wish, we can help you get quotes on mortgages from Spanish banks.

We collaborates with two of the major banks that still grant mortgages to foreign customers with up to 70% of the net purchase price.


You will always buy directly from the seller without intermediaries. Commission to the agency is always paid by the selling party.


We are constantly  working to keep the prices indicated on our website updated and revising our offerings of products, and we may discontinue products at any time without notice. All pricing for our products is subject to change as the property market is constantly moving and the price may need to be adjusted. We reserve the right to change the prices at any time without further notice. For all of our prices and products, we reserve the right to make adjustments due to changing of market conditions, currency fluctuations, product discontinuation, manufacturer price changes, errors in advertisements, and other extenuating circumstances.